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    Thank you for visiting my work in progress.  It's such a delight to share the stories and pictures of these Irish Setters who have enriched my life.
    A note of gratitude goes out to all of the fine people who trusted and supported my early efforts at breeding a fine litter. It is they who have made all the honors possible, and I will be forever in their debt! It's my wish that WindRose can always be a source of fine, healthy puppies for ANYONE who has the same love and concern for these beautiful red dogs.
    I am also grateful to the respected breeders who chose Hooligan to sire their litters. Their confidence in his ability to contribute to our breed has made him an outstanding producer and allowed his babies' quality to be recognized all across the country. They entrusted a part of their hopes and dreams for their bitches to my dog, and those Hooli youngsters will have a special place in my heart forever.
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